Carbon Fiber ArmorLock System

It's a homeowner's worst nightmare: foundation walls in the basement suddenly seem to be bowing in. It happens slowly at first, and then suddenly you notice it. The very walls that form the structure of your home appear to be leaning or moving in.

Often, bowing or leaning walls in the basement are a symptom of foundation issues. Many homeowners, especially first-time owners, don't realize such a thing can happen. In Alaska, the causes for foundation wall movement include the interplay of soils, moisture and weather, specifically frost, as moisture freezes and thaws through the seasons.

Foundation Repair and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska can diagnose the foundation wall problem. As an authorized dealer of Foundation Supportworks, we're trained in numerous foundation repair solutions, including the ArmorLock System. If called for, this sytem can halt the movement of foundation walls, stabilizing your home. Ten times stronger than steel with enough flexibility to adhere to the wall, the CarbonArmor system is non-invasive and boasts a fast installation time.

You depend on the walls in your basement and the entire foundation of your home to keep your home structurally on solid ground. This is a time to call a specialist. If you're worried your foundation walls have shifted or show other signs of movement - bowing, leaning, cracks - it's time to get a free inspection and estimate!

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