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TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK

TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK

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TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK

Have you found any water in your crawlspace? We can help! Call today to get on the schedule with our System Design Specialist for a free, no-obligation estimate for your home.

Trusted Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing Expert in Juneau, AK

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Skilled foundation repairs, basement waterproofing & crawl space encapsulations in Juneau, AK

Since 1991, Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska has provided reliable foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and air purifier services to Juneau homeowners. We believe in doing the job once and doing it right, which means putting our best foot forward so your repairs last for years.

Whether your home has sinking floors above the basement or crawl space, foundation settlement, basement wall cracks, or crawl space humidity, these are only some of the problems we address! As the trusted foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing company of Juneau County, we provide patented products, time-tested skills, and lasting results to ensure a smooth project no matter the foundation, basement, or crawl space issue. Our services include sump pump installations, energy-efficient dehumidifiers, foundation piers, crawl space jacks, and more.

Contact us today to see why your friends and neighbors continue to choose Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska. We offer free estimates in Juneau, AK and nearby, click below to schedule yours!

Residential foundation repair solutions in Juneau

Does your home have a damaged foundation with cracks, bowing walls, or other signs of damage? As your trusted Juneau Supportworks dealer, we only offer the best solutions that are proven to restore your home's foundation, guaranteed!

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Crawl space support posts
  • And more!

Commercial foundation repair services

Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska also provides reliable commercial foundation services. Whether you need remedial structural repairs or end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications, we have the proven solutions to help you!

Our commercial foundation services include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Crawl space jacks
  • Cellular concrete
  • And more!

Crawl space repair & encapsulation experts in Juneau

Don't let your nasty, wet crawl space ruin the efficiency and safety of your home. Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska offers a moisture-proof crawl space encapsulation system that will transform your below-grade space into a dry, healthy, and usable area!

Our crawl space repair services include:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space structural repair
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • And more!

Sump pumps, dehumidifiers & reliable basement waterproofing system

From basement flooding to leaky wall cracks and basement humidity, moisture intrusion problems in the below-grade space can lead to issues throughout the property. But there is no reason to worry. Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska is a trusted basement waterproofing company offering customizable and patented solutions. Whether your home needs a high-performance sump pump to prevent a flooded basement, an energy-efficient dehumidifier to prevent mold, or a vapor barrier for a moisture-proof, clean finish, we provide these solutions that improve the entire home!

Our basement waterproofing system includes:

  • Sump pump installations
  • Dehumidifiers
  • French drain systems
  • Vapor barrier
  • And more!

Schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate to learn more. We serve Alaska areas, including Juneau and nearby.

Schedule a free service estimate on foundation repairs, basement waterproofing & more!

At Foundation and Crawl Space Repair of Alaska we provide reliable customer service, proven solutions, and lasting results. Schedule a free service estimate to see how we can improve your home. We offer reliable foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, an air purifier, and more to Juneau, AK and areas nearby!

Job Stories From Juneau, AK
TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK

A homeowner reached out to us after finding a couple inches of water in their crawlspace, they needed our help getting the water out and making sure the water doesn't come back in. We were more than happy to get them on the schedule with our System Design Specialist so we could help them get the forever fix they were looking for. After going out to the home and meeting with the homeowners, the System Design Specialist went through the crawlspace to find out where the water was coming from and thinking of the best products to accomplish fixing it. When he was done, he wrote up a proposal for the homeowners detailing what he found, the products he recommended, the price, and how the products would be installed. Once the homeowners approval was gained, we sent our foreman out to install our TripleSafe SumpPump to collect water from our SmartPipe and Sedona Dehumidifier and pump it back out of the house. 

TripleSafe & Sedona in Juneau, AK - Photo 1
CleanSpace Install in Juneau, AK

Did you just buy a home and you already notice a musty smell and some water in the crawlspace? A recent homeowner of ours had this very issue in their crawlspace. They were unsure on if it was a serious issue or if they could wait till summer. They decided they should start asking around and looking online to try and find someone who would be the best fit for their issues. They ended up finding us online and looked though our website and gave us a call. We were more than happy to get them on the schedule to have our specialist Eric go out. Once he got there he met with the homeowners either outside or inside the home to go over their main concerns and what they would like to see get done. Once he was done with that and had an idea on what they were looking for he went into the crawlspace to take some pictures and some measurements. He then went back into the home to sit down with the homeowners to go over what he found in the crawlspace. He then wrote up a proposal on what products would work for the homeowner in the long run as well as how much it will cost and went over it with the homeowners. We then sent our foreman out to do a pre install walk through with the homeowners to go over where all the products were going to go as well as answer any questions they may have. We then sent out our installers out to install our SilverGlo insulation around the perimeter of crawlspace walls to help keep the temperature up to help keep the floors warm. We also installed our CleanSpace along the ground and a little up the wall to help fully encapsulate the crawlspace to help keep any water out as well any moisture. We also installed our Sedona (dehumidifier) to also help with any humidity in the crawlspace. After everything was installed the Foreman on the job takes pictures to show the homeowners, as well as go over again how all of our products work and if they have any questions what number to call. Then all the installers and the foreman cleaned up the job and made sure they grabbed all of their tools and all the trash that may have been left they also did a final walk though to make sure everything was perfect. 

We then had our customer care specialist call the homeowners to make sure everything went smoothly and there was not other questions they have thought of since the Foreman left the job. 

CleanSpace Install in Juneau, AK - Photo 1
Foundation Stabilization in Juneau, AK

This customer called us because they had signs that their home had been shifting. Once our specialist got out there it was clear that there was proof of settlement in the home because the ground had shifted underneath. This shift had caused the old footing under the home to fail. We decided that the best course of action was to install our Helical Pier product around the premier of the home. Helical Piers are driven down to the bedrock and connected to the existing footing of the home. Our piers then become the permanent support of the home.

Foundation Stabilization in Juneau, AK - Photo 1
Work Requests From Juneau, AK
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Recently moved into a new house and installed a hygrometer in crawl space and the humidity is pretty high, would be interested to get an estimate to install a dehumidifier and see if you recommend anything else for crawl space.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Cold floors and poorly insulated/ventilated crawl space.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
I need a single wide mobile home re-level.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Would like a quote on getting the water out of our crawl space, installing french drains, sump pumps, dehumidifier etc. Please respond. Thank you!
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Hello my name is Christian, i'm located in Juneau, Ak. I have five crawl space vents in my home i would like to use your services to encapulate them and my crawlspace.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Crawl space is wet from all the rain/snow melting we've had recently. We need someone to remove the water and reseal the crawl space from the outside.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
The main structure of the house is on a concrete foundation. As with most Alaska houses, at some point a previous owner decided to do some add-ons, including a side hallway that is on some type of post foundations. We recently purchased this house, and knew that there were likely foundation problems, as the hallway floor is very slanted. as are the door frames in the hall. Upon finally getting in the crawl space, it appears that the floor is sagging due to settling and also some slanting in the posts. Between what looks like attempts to fix the sagging and multiple amateur contractors, it's hard to make sense of what is what. We would really appreciate your help!
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Our home was built in early 1980, the home is showing signs of settling. We recently had an engineer look under the home and he has made some recommendations to re-level the home and replace some posts and footings. We are looking for an experienced contractor to provide a bid on the work.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
A pipe burst in our crawl space and now we need to dry out the whole space. The pipe has been fixed but we're selling our house and need the crawl space dry for the re-inspection.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
With the latest storm here in Juneau our crawl space flooded. I was able to catch it before it was bad. I have a small pump in there now and trying to get everything draining to that pump.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Water on top of water barrier, vapor barrier not sealed, no sump pump
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Crawl space in need of insulation
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Home is post and beam on steep hillside. One or more posts are no longer seated securely on bedrock as evidenced by cracks appearing in walls.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
Foundation settling in downhill corner of home. Well constructed home built in 1938. Foundation wall not cracked or noticeably leaning and settling mostly occurred years ago. Rebuilding work on down stairs apartment has revealed obvious settling and need for helical pier repairs.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
I need to redo my crawl space. Interested in a quote. I have a brand new sump pump, but am curious about your product in completing my crawl space. Need to vapor barrier and curious about maybe insulating the foundation perimeter, etc... Approx 1100 sq ft according to my recent energy audit. Thanks.
Project Location: Juneau, AK
House has settled in front and corner. Built in 2003 over crawl space.
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