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Foundation Repair & Crawl Space Repair Experts in Anchorage, AK

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Expert foundation repair & crawl space encapsulation services in Anchorage, AK

Since 1991, Foundation Supportworks of Alaska has provided reliable foundation repair and crawl space moisture control services to Anchorage homeowners. We believe in doing the job once and doing it right, which means putting our best foot forward so your repairs last for years to come.

Contact us today to see why your friends and neighbors continue to choose Foundation Supportworks of Alaska. We offer free estimates in Anchorage, AK and nearby, click below to schedule yours!

Residential foundation repair solutions in Anchorage

Does your home have a damaged foundation with cracks, bowing walls, or other signs of damage? As your trusted Anchorage Supportworks dealer, we only offer the best solutions that are proven to restore your home's foundation, guaranteed!

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Foundation wall repair systems
  • Crawl space support posts
  • And more!

Commercial foundation repair services

Foundation Supportworks of Alaska also provides reliable commercial foundation services. Whether you need remedial structural repairs or end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications, we have the proven solutions to help you!

Our commercial foundation services include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Crawl space jacks
  • Cellular concrete
  • And more!

Crawl space repair & encapsulation experts in Anchorage

Don't let your nasty, wet crawl space ruin the efficiency and safety of your home. Foundation Supportworks of Alaska offers a moisture-proof crawl space encapsulation system that will transform your below-grade space into a dry, healthy, and usable area!

Our crawl space repair services include:

  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space structural repair
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • And more!

Schedule a free service estimate!

At Foundation Supportworks of Alaska we provide reliable customer service, proven solutions, and lasting results. Schedule a free service estimate to see how we can improve your home. We offer reliable foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, crawl space repair, and more to Anchorage, AK and areas nearby!

Case Studies From Anchorage
Mr. Slafka, Had an inspector came out to his home because of the big earthquake they had last year and it messed up. The whole house was unlevel.
Job Stories From Anchorage, AK
Home affected by the earth quake?

Mr. Slafka, Had an inspector came out to his home because of the big earthquake they had last year and it messed up. The whole house was unlevel. We quoted him for 14 piers which is a lot for a home.

Home affected by the earth quake? - Photo 1
I Need to Sell My House!

Last week we received a call from Chuck, Chuck was very upset when we first spoke. He told us about how he was trying to sell his house and was not having any luck. Chuck said “I don’t understand it’s a four year old house in Anchorage, it shouldn't be hard to sell” so we started to ask questions. It turns out that every time a prospective buyer would send an inspector to examine the house the crawlspace wouldn’t pass. That’s why Chuck has called us!


Chuck told us about the standing water along the perimeter of the crawlspace and how the black vapor barrier had been ripped down. Thankfully during that first call we were able to set an appointment with Paul our System Design Specialist to visit Chuck.


Paul quickly put together a plan to remove all of the water from the crawl space and prevent this issue from ever coming back. First Paul wanted to install a Super Sump sump pump to remove the water from the space, but because the water was standing along the perimeter of the crawl space we also need to add SmartPipe to move that standing water the direction of the sump.


Now that the water was being removed from the space and diverted into the lawn we could move to step two. Isolate the house from the earth. This is when we use our product CleanSpace! Most vapor barriers are 6 mil polyethylene that can easily rip and get holes poked in it when you crawl on it, and that’s why we use CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick plastic liner, similar to pool liner that can be fitted in your crawl space to completely seal off your home from the earth.


By the time we had finished with Chucks crawl space he was able to not only quickly sell the house but he was able to get more then the original asking price. Chuck called us with the great news and to thank Paul and the team for helping him out of this wet situation. 

Danny's Damp Basement Man Cave

Danny D. was very excited to move into his new home with his family in Anchorage. He had big plans to turn his basement into a “Man Cave”. Danny started with laying down carpet and painting the walls, six months later he had a pretty awesome "Man Cave"! 

There was only one issue; the carpet would always seem damp. He replaced the carpet twice in one year because the carpet would start to have a terrible moldy odor to it. During the winter the carpet would be so damp you would have to ware shoes to keep your socks from getting wet. Danny was so upset, he loved his new home and "Man Cave" but was embarrass to invite friends over due to the smell and damp carpet. "there’s gotta be a way to have carpet in my Man Cave" Danny said and Danny was right! 

 There is only one solution. A sub floor made entirely of products that are unaffected by water, water vapor, and mold. One word - plastic. ThermalDry Flooring Systems are the only plastic, all-inorganic sub flooring in the world. Water will not ruin them. Vapor won't go through then. Mold won't grow on them. Designed just for basements we knew this would be the fix Danny was looking for! 

After Paul our design specialist came out and gave Danny a FREE estimate and went over color options it was easy for Danny to pull the trigger! A few weeks later our installers came out and laid down the ThermalDry tiles.

Danny’s face just lit up with joy, knowing he wouldn’t have to worry about damp floors ever again. He invited all his buddies over and for the first time in a long time Danny was able to take off his shoes in his own Man Cave.

Danny's Damp Basement Man Cave   - Photo 1
Work Requests From Anchorage, AK
Vicinity of N Bunn in Anchorage
I am in the process of buying a home and during the inspection a foundation issue was found. I am looking to get a quote of the work to fix it and negotiate with the seller.
Vicinity of Nordale St in Anchorage
Need crawl space inspection and repair quote ...flooring in front of dryer on main level of home is uneven because crawl space ladder pushed up on it during 2018 earthquake. Appraisal is requiring that I have foundation, joists, beams, etc., checked for adequacy before we can Close on house.
Vicinity of Resurrection Dr in Anchorage
Had a drain pipe in the kitchen (right above crawl space) repaired and found the board that meets the foundation to have rotted from this broken pipe. Also kitchen floor is sagging a little.
Vicinity of Chapel Cir in Anchorage
Uneven floors creaking noise, driveway to garage is gape is less than before.
Vicinity of Roundtop Cir in Anchorage
We need a vapor barrier for the crawl space door located in our garage. The door is about 3feet by 3 feet. Currently, the door is just a wood plank that is not sealed.
Vicinity of West Lake Circle in Anchorage
Sloping floor
Vicinity of Belmont Dr. in Anchorage
We want a foundation inspection following the last big earthquake. We want to install new flooring and need to know if there is anything wrong with our foundation before proceeding.
Vicinity of Golden Spring Circle in Anchorage
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of in Anchorage
We recently moved to Kodiak, my daughter is renting my house in Anchorage. Even though we did not notice the issue (moved out in September), she said that after these last winds that the house is shifting/moving and she can feel it. We did not have any visible foundation damage after the 11/30 earthquake, and the house was built in 1960 so any settling should be well over by now. We have never noticed any water leaks or visible gaps between the foundation and the house structure. I would like to schedule to have it checked to see if any repairs may be necessary, I would like to be able to fly over and be there for the inspection and to talk to the person myself, foundation repairs can be costly and I want to be fully informed. If you have any openings for March or April, then I can fly over for a few days.
Vicinity of Valley Park Drive in Anchorage
The concrete slab in the master bedroom is cracked and sinking toward the center of the room and has effected the bathroom as well.
Vicinity of Crannog St in Anchorage
The slab in my garage is cracking with some sinking. I need to look at having it replaced.
Vicinity of Delwood Place in Anchorage
Want a quote for crawlspace encapsulation and inspection on a small crawlspace (probably only around 300 square feet with very very low headroom). Currently the crawl space has no vaper barrier and it also has a vent that needs to be sealed. No known moisture problems or water intrusion - other than the fact that there hasn't ever been a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Morningside in Anchorage
The water is coming through the foundation. There is one spot where water was dripping down and two other spots where water had came in through the foundation wall. Our inspector said all the insulation needed to be pulled out of there due to the water damage. Observed signs that standing water may have been present on crawlspace floor. Recommend a qualified contractor evaluate and find potential source of moisture. There was water intrusion observed along one or more areas of the foundation wall. Recommend a licensed foundation contractor evaluate and repair as necessary to prevent water intrusion. Vapor barrier is improperly installed. This can result in unwanted moisture. Recommend insulation contractor evaluate and repair/replace as needed. One ore more areas of the foundation walls exhibit signs of previous moisture and staining. Recommend a licensed foundation contractor evaluate and remedy as necessary.
Vicinity of Tartan Circle in Anchorage
Hello, I just had an inspection done on a home I'm purchasing and would like to get a quote on vapor barrier installation costs. The home is approx 1000sqft. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Anchorage
Two projects. Looking for a quote for 4x helical piers to support a small cabin on our property. Already have beams ordered, would like to compare prices to the quote from Goliath Tech and Techno Metal. Second project is discovery mode. Large stick frame garage with poured footer then stick frame foundation wall needs leveled and new slab. My understanding is fixing existing footer requires complete excavation in order to attach helicals to stabilize. I'm curious about moving the structure off the old foundation onto new helical pile foundation (~3ft forward/3ft sideways). Prefer email communications initially, can supply photos.
Vicinity of Birch Road in Anchorage
Our foundation has been started, the CMU block is up but the cement has not been poured. We are in great need of someone to tent, heat and pour the foundation. Waterproof part of the wall, Backfill too if possible Our contractor has to quarantine and doesn't look like he will be able to finish.
Vicinity of Cosmos in Anchorage
Unlevel floor
Vicinity of Legacy Drive in Anchorage
Clean out 30 year old crawl space. Mitigate moisture and reseal entire crawl space with new vapor barrier
Vicinity of in Anchorage
Rain Water coming in from the outside into the crawl space
Vicinity of Polar Drive in Anchorage
Need to see if the 2018 earthquake caused damage.
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