Your Basement is Valuable Space!

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

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Mrs. Soker lived with her basement problems for all of her forty years in the home at 14 Elm Street. She just couldn't see spending more than a few hundred dollars to fix it, and all the "experts"wanted much more then that. "Don't do it Ma," her concerned son advised by phone from Seattle. "They're just trying to take advantage of you, being a widow and all." So she lived with it . Years later, when her surviving son Mr.Soker flew in to handle the executors duties, he was told by the real estate agent that the only way the home could be sold was to fix the basement properly. So he did, using the funds from the estate. Poor Mrs. Soker. For 52 years she had to put up with a wet basement. 

Mr and Mrs. Rainwater's basement flooded once. They cleaned the gutters just like their cousin told them to. After all, he was a builder and he knew about these things. They didn't see any more water in their basement for a good six months. They soon forgot about the incident and put all their stuff on the basement floor. There was holiday stuff, tax records, a record album collection, personal effects - even Mrs. Rainwater's preserved wedding dress - in a cardboard box like most of the other items. Beginning one otherwise peacefull evening, the sky opened up, as it does once every year or two, and two months of rain fell in two days. All the Rainwater's belongings were lost in the flood that resulted in the unprotected basement.


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