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Foundation Supportworks of Alaska is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Anchorage. Learn more about Foundation Supportworks of Alaska's recent work requests in Anchorage and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Supportworks of Alaska's recent work requests in Anchorage, AK
Vicinity of Woodroe Lane in Anchorage
Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are needing help with our crawl space under the house. There are spaces where water is gathering and we do not know what to do. Thank you.
Vicinity of Butte Circle in Anchorage
We bought our home about 13 years ago and it has always had a tilt. We've had an engineer look at it and he said the entire home is leaning, the foundation isn't broken. It was built on land that wasn't fully packed down. We are looking for an estimate to start planning to correct it. We had poly seal come out last year, but would like to understand the options you offer. Thank you. I work until 2pm and can more easily take calls after that.
Vicinity of Flagstone Cir. in Anchorage
Noticed a crack in the foundation and would like a quote to have it repaired. Thank you.
Vicinity of Jewel Terrace in Anchorage
Noticed moisture build up on crawl space
Vicinity of Hamlet Cir in Anchorage
Moisture control in crawl space and new insulation.
Vicinity of Cline Street in Anchorage
I am looking to buy a home that may have foundation issues. I require a quote on costs to determine wether or not to move forward with the purchase.
Vicinity of Regal Mountain Dr in Anchorage
I am looking to re insulate and replace the vapor barrier in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Brookshire Loop in Anchorage
Looking to have vapor barrier repaired or install new.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
Damaged floor joists a scrim joist need replaced or repaired.
Vicinity of Tulin Park Loop in Anchorage
Small amounts of water noted in the corners of our crawlspace. Not sure where the water is coming from.
Vicinity of Berry Patch Dr. in Anchorage
Crack in the foundation blocks.
Vicinity of Friendly Lane in Anchorage
Foundation repair
Vicinity of Kenwood Circle in Anchorage
Well spring defrost has water draining through my foundation into my daylight basement!! Dammit my new flooring job that I just finished is runied to be fixed at a much later day. But looking to find someone do some foundation repair work? I Imagine the ground from the front of my house needs to be dug up below the base of cement foundation, the crack or foundation sealed, and add gravel and french drains placed, then refilled. Utilities are a concern as the dig happens, my gas line and water come into the house from the far right side. Looking for a estimate as soon as possible to get a starting point. I work nightshift normally at the hospital and am off for the next 4 days. Please let me know how your schedule looks. Im sure I'm not the only one in Anchorage with this issue.
Vicinity of Rendon Drive in Anchorage
The crawl space and lower family room wall has water leaking every spring. The wall needs to be resealed
Vicinity of Roy St in Anchorage
I have floor sagging, sticking doors, standing water in my backyard
Vicinity of Cape Lisburne Loop in Anchorage
There is suddenly a lot of water in the crawlspace and it's getting on top of the vapor barrier, leaking where the seams are taped.
Vicinity of State St in Anchorage
The addition that was added to my home back in 1980ish is separating from the original house. This became apparent 8 months after the earthquake. It is also suspected of not having proper foundation and support. I need a quote and explanation of how this can be repaired.
Vicinity of Copperwood Dr in Anchorage
Earthquake damage to my foundation. I have already had engineering done and received a quote from TMP / Arctic Terra. I have a foundation on slab. My foundation is down approx 3 inches on one side of my house.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I need an estimate to repair cracks and sinking in my foundation as a result of November 30th, 2018 7.1 earthquake
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I am working on selling my house and the inspection identified some foundation cracks. I need to have these evaluated asap. Thanks
Vicinity of Kendall Loop in Anchorage
I am not sure if my house has a foundation problem. My house has been making more noise than usual, large cracks in my walls have been appearing, and nails are popping out from the ceiling.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
Called dry out systems, they said the foundation may be cracked allowing water into the basement area in a specific location
Vicinity of Summerset Dr in Anchorage
Vapor barrier is old, torn and not continuous. multiple deep holes in the crawlspace surface.
Vicinity of Kitlisa Dr in Anchorage
Looking for encapsulation solution for our crawl space
Vicinity of in Anchorage
The kitchen of the old house we are working out of appears to be sinking dramatically and patches have been applied time and time again but I believe it's a bigger problem and wanted to get a professional opinion before more money is spent in the wrong direction
Vicinity of Clear Haven Cir in Anchorage
My house is cold due to the crawl space not being properly insulated.
Vicinity of Sues Way in Anchorage
I am looking for inexpensive foundation piers for a cabin in the woods.
Vicinity of Pointe Resolution Drive in Anchorage
When it's been raining this fall/winter, in the crawlspace the cinderblock foundation on west side of house appears to leak some. It is not a tremendous amount of water but it is significant. I would like an estimate for Fixing this problem to make the foundation watertight. I presume it may need to be done in the spring
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I have a home built in 1970's with 750-100 square foot crawl space. I am in need of old insulation removed, new insulation put in place and to have it completely sealed along walls and floor. Possibly will need to spray for mold/mildew.
Vicinity of Arlene DR in Anchorage
Looking to get FEMA funds to made foundation repairs to home damaged in last years earthquake. Need an estimate to repair.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I am applying for a Reverse Mortgage and the appraisal is concerned my foundation is unsafe. House is a log cabin constructed in 1949.
Vicinity of Williams St in Anchorage
Assess foundation for needed repairs.
Vicinity of Hampton Drive in Anchorage
Foundation destabilization has caused visible sinking / sloping of kitchen flooring.
Vicinity of Bietinger Dr in Anchorage
Water in sw corner of crawl space. Failled selling house inspection. Gutter downspout goes into drainline at that corner need fixed asap
Vicinity of Seacliff Street in Anchorage
I am looking to install a deck in the spring of 2017. I am investigating option to use helical piers as the foundation for the deck. Due to the house being built into a hill, the front of the deck is around 109" high and the back is flush with he ground. I'm looking to investigate quote options.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I am building a deck in an area I have problems with heaving. I was told that this system is the way to go. Would like to get an estimate on my project. Thanks.
Vicinity of Marian Bay Circle in Anchorage
Crawl space keeps getting moisture. Especially after rain...would like to know the cause and how much to get it remediated.
Vicinity of Cimarron Circle in Anchorage
Corner of foundation wet and bad smell from underneath the house.
Vicinity of Wintergreen Street in Anchorage
Recently noticed cracks on the exterior walls of my home, along with some cracks on the 1st floor interior.
Vicinity of Waterwood Cir in Anchorage
Friend is in process of selling house. Home inspection was done and the Inspector wants things checked out by a pro. Wondering if you can help with this? There was a couple puddles in middle of crawl space, random gravel on top of vaper barrier around sump pump, insulation covering up vents. Crawl space has been cleaned up already so it's ready for you.
Vicinity of Chaimi in Anchorage
Looking for contractor to mitigate groundwater issue in 1000 sq ft 4' height crawlspace. Remove existing vapor barrier and wet floor batting insulation, trench around interior perimeter a few inches to provide better drainage to existing sump pump, dig sump pit a few inches deeper, lay and seal new vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Chelatna Circle in Anchorage
Hello, I have some groundwater coming into the lower floor of the home. I believe the foundation needs to be resealed on the 1970s house. Please call to discuss a time to evaluate if that is the case and discuss options. Thanks, lev
Vicinity of Suncrest Dr in Anchorage
Want to have Helical Deck Piers set in my backyard.
Vicinity of Lincoln Ellsworth Ct in Anchorage
Do you do helical pier installation for new construction of cabins?
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I am purchasing a house built in 1949 with a concrete block foundation that has a large crack in it from the '64 quake. I need an estimate for repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of Red Cedar Cir in Anchorage
Installing deck and shed; need foundation for both
Vicinity of Bass St in Anchorage
Have wet in crawl space
Vicinity of Trisha Ave in Anchorage
I have seen some cracks at the bottom of drywalls, where the two pieces of walls join. And I found the floor is not perfect level. Some doors slightly stick. I am concerned about foundation problem. I am looking for a good engineer to assess the situation.
Vicinity of Hayes St in Anchorage
Home needs foundation work before it can be sold
Vicinity of Foraker Drive in Anchorage
Selling home. Inspector indicates cracks in foundation. I believe these have been with the house since the earthquake, but I would like someone to take a look.
Vicinity of Scarlet Pl in Anchorage
Floors are uneven, cracks in some walls. Want to fix before it gets worse.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
Want to reduce humidity
Vicinity of Lunar Dr in Anchorage
Hi, I have an issue with my foundation. We recently had some water get into the crawlspace, and it washed away some of the material from under the foundation. There appears to be pilings in the concrete that are still supporting the weight of the structure, but I'm afraid its not enough.
Vicinity of Shaun Landing Cir in Anchorage
We need to seal off our crawlspace and mitigate moisture to improve the heating throughout the house.
Vicinity of Burlwood Drive in Anchorage
Addition added to existing home (12x24) approx 1995, outer foundation has sunk some. Evidence showing inside, drywall crack & ceiling connecting addition.
Vicinity of Thomas Circle in Anchorage
Water leaking into home. Daylight basement.
Vicinity of Silver Spruce Cir in Anchorage
I have some water in my crawlspace after the recent wet spell. I need to prevent this in the future.
Vicinity of Prosperity Dr. in Anchorage
Relatively large crawl space. Water has infiltrated the area due to heavy, prolonged rain. Need a solution to keep the hydrostatic-effect at bay--keep rising water from coming up from below, into the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Cheryl St in Anchorage
Venting, insulation have some moisture check sump pump drain and heat tape.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
One of my basement bedrooms has water come in from under the wallboard. Due to the last few days of rain, we cannot get the water to stop. It has destroyed the carpet, and we are using towels and a shop vac to soak up the water
Vicinity of Bailey Drive in Anchorage
We have a small place built in the 1960's. We are looking to seal, vent, and insulate the crawl space before winter sets in.
Vicinity of Gaylene Circle in Anchorage
Sump Pump Repair needed
Vicinity of Inlet Pl in Anchorage
Lower humidity in crawl space during summer. 20 mil vapor barrier + dehumidifier. Utilize email as primary communication device. Do not call until phone communication has been authorized.
Vicinity of Newcombdrive in Anchorage
Foundation is leaking bad, inside of the house in 2 rooms is very wet in the wall and floor,
Vicinity of Wooded Circle in Anchorage
Partial retaining wall appears to have shifted over many years. Other areas need retaining wall but minimal space between house and earth to install.
Vicinity of Caress Circle in Anchorage
We are planning to replace our current deck with a 10' x 12' deck that will only be about 24" in height. We anticipate about 3 footings and are interesting in having them installed using helical piers. The deck will be anchored to our home so I believe they need to be 5' feet below ground. Please provide an installation estimate.
Vicinity of Commodore in Anchorage
Interested in insulating my crawl space. I would like to request a quote and hear what you can do to provide a warmer lower level to my home.
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I have a crawl space, I don't really have any problems that I know of but I would like to put a good vapor barrier down
Vicinity of N Flower St in Anchorage
I would like to get an estimate on some possible foundation repairs
Vicinity of Plymouth Cir in Anchorage
Foundation settlement in center of house resulting in uneven floors, separation of wall sheetrock from ceiling,etc.
Vicinity of Montpelier Court in Anchorage
Condo crawl space needs vapor barrier before I can purchase it. Interior floor plan is 1096 square feet. Thank you
Vicinity of Yukon Charlie Loop in Anchorage
Sinking/cracked patio, sidewalk, and concrete porch. General sinking around foundation of home
Vicinity of in Anchorage
I need two ez posts installed for support of a new deck. I just need an estimate for the cost and whether or not, if I give you the general design of the deck, you can correctly locate the posts so that I don't have to do any measuring. Thanks!
Vicinity of Little Brook St in Anchorage
Looking for a 12mil vapor barrier for about 300 sq ft.
Vicinity of Mulberry in Anchorage
I am looking to get a quote on repairing foundational wall along back side of my house which periodically allows water to drain into the basement. I think a new vapor barrier is needed.
Vicinity of Vashon Circle in Anchorage
Cracking of foundation
Vicinity of Shrub Ct in Anchorage
Need new vapor barrier placed. Insulate crawl space and put a dehumidifier in place.
Vicinity of Summer Circle in Anchorage
Water in the crawl space
Vicinity of Commododore Dr. in Anchorage
Retaking wall leaning and drive way buckled
Vicinity of Prosperity Dr. in Anchorage
Can see slight cracking at main junctures where roof trussing meets interior ceiling. See slight tilt in front main wall--looking from eye level up to 15' ceiling. Settling and cracking in driveway near cement garage. Slight slant in door/ door frame gap. I need a professional opinion on whether this is a foundation related concern or not.
Vicinity of Shore Drive in Anchorage
Sagging floors
Vicinity of Marathon Cir. in Anchorage
I need insulate crawl space in my house.
Vicinity of Hardwood Ct in Anchorage
After heavy rains that we had - I got some water in a crawl space.
Vicinity of Beaver Pl in Anchorage
Portion on part of the house is actively sinking, currently about 6 inches
Vicinity of Izembek Circle in Anchorage
Looking for an eval/estimate on possible foundation repair/crawl space repair

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